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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Work in Progress: Voltaic

This is a character I created back in high school (11-13 years ago). Voltaic is a being comprised of pure electrical energy. His suit both contains and absorbs the energy that comprises his body. Without his suit he would just be electrical energy in the air. It's been about 3-4 years since I have pencilled anything so please be kind in your critiques. The pic is just the rough pencils without the costume being added yet. I just wanted to get his basic figure down before I added the costume. Like I said, it's been years since I have pencilled anything so perspective is a small problem for me right now. If any pencillers,(Rector, Cadre, EraserX, Caanan) out there would like to take a crack at "re-drawing" this figure with better skill and detail, I welcome it. I am more of a creator/writer/colorist than a penciller. Once I have finished the final pic I will re-post it at a later time. I will take a shot at coloring it as well but if anyone else, (EraserX, Emissary, [hint, hint]) would like to color the piece as well, I'd be proud to have them do so. Thanks everyone!
Curt Combs - Szerian


Szerian said...

You're not gonna believe this! I had this piece colored, effected and ready to go as a basic no- costume color job and my computer closed down on me right as I was saving it. I spent the better part of 3.5 hours coloring it, trying to get by highlighting and shading down so its not so boring and I lost it! DAMN! Guess you'll have to wait for the actual piece as a finished product. DAMN!!!

Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

HAHAHAAAAAAA!! HE'S BACK!!!! Man I so excited about you sketching again. I like the postion. it's is dynamic, and ironicly, I can see you've improved - vjust from looking at other art. There are things to improve, and we'll address that add the group on Tuesday, but over all, it's a great start for not drawing for 4 yrs. Keep the artistic BOOYAH man.

be blessed