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Sunday, April 29, 2007

had to get into the act

This was an old Iron man I did years ago I just wanted to play around with an Iron man so I painted this one and honestly was to lazy to draw a new one SORRY!!!! click on the image to enlarge

Friday, April 27, 2007

IRON MAN???????

Please tell me that they are going to have the traditional Red and yellow one. There is a website But I don't know if its active yet I wonder when the movie is slated to hit? anyone know? the thing in the center of his chest looks weird coming through the t-shirt like that... However, nice rendition of the traditional Grey armor. well I guess this answers my question.... Courtesy IGN, we have the Stan Winston built suit for Iron Man. This is the first of many Iron Man suits the character Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) will wear in the movie. Its highly reminiscent of the suit that first appeared in “Tales Of Suspense” where Iron Man was first published. The more familiar ketchup & mustard flavored suit will still be in the movie.

Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man is due May 2008

s this image is attached to the up coming Jon Favreau Iron Man movie. Ok, I say upcoming because its slated to kick off the summer of '08 and I am already excited about it. The only bad part is, its not the final deal.

JoBlo reports:

...some costume ideas that were rejected by the folks making the movie, but not necessarily because they hated them. In fact, according to, even though they liked the design, and " some cases it paralleled what they were doing, it did not fit in with their overall direction. They're wanting to go in more of an Adi Granov design direction.
So they didnt reject this design because they are planning on doing something radical. They are not going to make a stupid looking Iron Man, or change the look completely =cough=Megatron=cough= so the purists can exhale.
Adi Granov has a cleaner, less detailed version of this design that they want to use. Personally, Id like to see it overly detailed as a "real" suit of armour that permits a man to fly and shoot EMP bursts from his palm would look like.

JoBlo reports:

...some costume ideas that were rejected by the folks making the movie, but not necessarily because they hated them. In fact, according to, even though they liked the design, and " some cases it paralleled what they were doing, it did not fit in with their overall direction. They're wanting to go in more of an Adi Granov design direction.
So they didnt reject this design because they are planning on doing something radical. They are not going to make a stupid looking Iron Man, or change the look completely =cough=Megatron=cough= so the purists can exhale.
Adi Granov has a cleaner, less detailed version of this design that they want to use. Personally, Id like to see it overly detailed as a "real" suit of armour that permits a man to fly and shoot EMP bursts from his palm would look like.


Hey gang.

Man, I just got out of an art funk, and I get sick. It's not the bed ritten sick either. It's the kind of sick that makes you feel sore and lazy. I've been trying to thinking of drawing something decent, but I've been having a hard time trying to just focus and scribble.

Thought I would share that with ya all. And I hope to have some updates soon.

Retro Aero

I'm working on a new personal site in my spare time and wanted some opinions. This is what I've got so far. Nothing is set in stone, but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Lemme know what sucks.


Working on some environments

I was watching a tutorial that Julian a brother of mine sent me on Feng Zhu. If you are an artist and you want to strengthen your perspective, sit down and listen to his DVD ... MAN... The guy is phenomenal... my opinion... hes a mutant, with powers like that how you going to stop him. Well, anyway I decided to practice on my own stuff, I'm no where near his level YET, but one day!!! These are thumbnails probably much like you would see in story boards, so check it out, I was thinking about several different environments one was an attempt at something mid evil another was an approach on some kinda air transportation station. I was thinking... what if in the future instead of subways there were these above ground stations, and the last one was just a sketchy Feng approach on a city at ant's eye view and those are the images that have a purple look too it. NOW the blue one was a hanger of some kind with an opening inn the roof. the last two images I was inspired by a Disney movie and did these two warehouse shots. To be honest they are just sketches but MAN they were so much fun to do. If you are interested in the guy I'm talking about or the DVD you can see it here and this DVD doesn't do his work any justice check out his website, man this guys got skills.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Finally!! I've posted some work, hehehe. This is for a Commission for some one's City Of Heroes Character.
These have been fun to do - a switch from medieval art. Don't get me wrong, I love the fantasy, but tights and a cape never hurt either, hehe. Anyway, be blessed, and more to come.

- Here's the actual Character in the game:

- The pin-up:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I was watching starwars and had to do one of my favorite characters

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shitty Spidey

Hey cats. Just a warm up this morning before starting the day. I liked it, even though the anatomy/proportions are fucked up, so I decided to colour it. Enjoy! Well...try to anyways ha ha!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Voltaic - Rough Finish

Hey Guys! I finally re-colored the pic of Voltaic. I colored over the rough pencils as this is not the final piece. I gave him a basic blue jumpsuit as a temporary costume til Caanan and I put on the finishing touches. I'm not a very good inker either but once Caanan and I finish this pic I will ink and re-color it again with his actual costume. I tried some different coloring techniques but I'm still not completely happy with what I can do. Once I re-post the final inked piece I will post both a lineart pic and a finished, colored piece. Once I have posted it, anyone who wants to color the inked image is welcomed to do so. I'm gonna try to have at least one new pic I have done every two weeks or so. The finished costume will not be blue as I have not decided exactly what colors I plan on using in the final piece. Take a gander and let me know what you think! Thanks!

Curt Combs - Szerian

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Excellent Artist - another artist i'm going to begin to glean from

This is Art for a new Green latern Series - Art from Ethan Van Sciver.
The way he draws the muscles and renders, is a style I desire to use intergrate into my own. He deos amazing job capturing the human element but still retaining the comic feel. Always reinventing me style, hehe. Never want to be satisfied - stiving to improve. Anyway, just wanted to post to inspire anyone else who just needs another style to study.

be blessed


I'll be posting some of my art soon, hehe, promise.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Work in Progress: Voltaic

This is a character I created back in high school (11-13 years ago). Voltaic is a being comprised of pure electrical energy. His suit both contains and absorbs the energy that comprises his body. Without his suit he would just be electrical energy in the air. It's been about 3-4 years since I have pencilled anything so please be kind in your critiques. The pic is just the rough pencils without the costume being added yet. I just wanted to get his basic figure down before I added the costume. Like I said, it's been years since I have pencilled anything so perspective is a small problem for me right now. If any pencillers,(Rector, Cadre, EraserX, Caanan) out there would like to take a crack at "re-drawing" this figure with better skill and detail, I welcome it. I am more of a creator/writer/colorist than a penciller. Once I have finished the final pic I will re-post it at a later time. I will take a shot at coloring it as well but if anyone else, (EraserX, Emissary, [hint, hint]) would like to color the piece as well, I'd be proud to have them do so. Thanks everyone!
Curt Combs - Szerian

For small eyes that may be watching HECKBOY!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Am I the only one here?

Anyways, I thought I'd post what I've been working on all night. The book is called Downcast and it's being drawn by Andrew Huerta and colored by me. Crit away!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Page 8, finished


I've been summoned by the "Guild Master."

Hello everyone, First I've gotta say there is some great talent on this blog!!!! WOW!!! now I'm not really good at this stuff, the blog thing is still new to me... Lets see if I get this right. this is an image I was playing around with... the thoughts behind it are ... What other ways are there to draw a cyclops, the mythical kind not the X-men kind. so I was playing around with a friend of mine and I came up with a few but I decided to paint the two you see. The next few images are versions of bat man I was in the mood to paint ... actually the truth is I'm really new to painting and I'm finding it to be a bit of an addiction hahaha. SO I thought what if I were going to redesign the bat man, just to have fun of course, not that I would stop at these designs these are just the starters. Its amazing incomaparison to the sketches thes went in a little bit of a different direction. I was just doing a study in my down town and finding a reason to play around in painter 10 ( which is also very new to me), Painting is fun and its something I'M LEARNING. A really great friend of mine who is wildly talented is showing me a few things, so these images you see are me in the learning process. so enough talk here are my Batman (paint) sketches I like to call them, ignore the big nose hehehe I'm still working out the kinks .-D-

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's loot

I'm working on another page from "This Hollow World" and wanted to try something new. The backgrounds are just photomanips, but I think with some color on top too, it should mesh. If you have crits or comments, please don't hesitate.

the color of kill?

how poor a lost and troubled soul
to take the air of his own
and peer in a place of scholar

who then the bother of his poisoned thoughts when they but harmless letters
who wouldn't now extend an ear for his tempered thoughts to hear him
how weather beaten was his heart that he take such drastic measures.
how undone are his beloved , their son have brought them shame,
christianity bares a cross again! as religion takes the blame.

how solemn his soliloquy
how desperate his delivery,
how lonely and numb did he become
to make mock such bloody history.

he could have been your brother
or your best friend's joggin mate

what saddens me ere most of all
is this softened killers face,
and how ever a bespeckled man
he saw such tragic fate

my sincerest for EVERY life lost or altered by the events at VA tech this week


HULK vs. Doomsday Jam & Superman as Galactus' Herald

I had the idea of since Superman was "killed" by and beat Doomsday, and, Superman beat the HULK in the whole Marvel vs. DC series, what if the HULK and Doomsday were to battle? The scene could be Doomsday knocking out the HULK or Hulk knocking out Doomsday. I wanna see your guys's take on who would win this battle. Doomsday is "unstoppable" and "the madder HUlk gets, the stronger Hulk gets" this could be a battle for the times. I know I'm throwing a lot of jams out there on top of each other but I wanna get the ideas out there for those who want to pick and chose what they want to work on. Any takers? Hope to have a few!

Curt Combs - Szerian

I also wanna see your takes on what changes Superman would go through if Galactus made him one of his heralds. Norran Rad became the Silver Surfer. Frankie Raye became Nova so what would Superman become? Would he be Human looking, armored, increased size, what? What new powers would he have? I get the feeling my job here on the site is gonna be coming up with jam ideas. My colors aren't as tight as others and while I plan on still working on that, I have plenty of time to come up with jams to do. If I'm throwing too many out there at a time let me know and maybe we can do one jam every two weeks. I just like you artists to have choices on what you would like to work on. Keep up the good work and keep posting often!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kord and Harley Covers.


Hey gang!

Okay, so here she be! Galactus was ONE hell of a fun ride to draw let me tell you. And I have to be 100% honest here. All the hype, drawing you guys are doing, and this site, have helped motivate me BIG TIME!

There will be another post by me later tonight, two more finished Kord and Harley covers :)


Hi all, thanks to Caanan for inviting me here. I'm John Rauch, for those of you who don't know me. I've been working in comics since 96 as a colorist, but recently started drawing a book as well. Hopefully I can contribute something useful to the community here. I'm definitely looking forward to it. For starters, I'm posting a couple a video I recorded over the weekend and a few of my recent pieces for work. Sorry for the length on the video.

This one is from the book I'm illustrating, 'This Hollow World'.

This is of a couple custom characters from the game, 'City of Heroes' for (coming soon).

This is from Hyperion vs. Nighthawk #4. Paul Gulacy provided the lines and I did the colors.

Beyond the Art...

Hey everyone. As I said before, I want to be more than just an art blog, but a place to learn each other, and grow connected. So this topic is not art related, but it tugs at the human frailty of reality, and how we are constantly reminded how much we need each other and ultimately the One can protect us.

I herd on the radio the tragedy that took place at V-tech - the shooting-death of 32 people, with the kill ultimately shoot themselves. This is now the worse mass shooting in history. People, we need God, now more than ever. Beyond what people thing or what they believe, the common cry is universal. if you are people of prayer, and yer heart goes out to the people on Virginia tech, and there families, but to filled like can't do anything, well Prayer changes things. Here's is a link to a prayer you can pray over the Families, students, and faculty that i believe will cover the situation with a supernatural peace, and ease, that no natural thing can.

The Link:

If this does not work, here is the actual prayer:

(Bible verse ref.) 2Chr. 7:14 "if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. "

"Heavenly Father God, We pray for the families of those killed at Virginia Tech. Comfort and strengthen them by Your Spirit, dear God. Send laborers across their path to minister to them. We release Your healing power on those who were wounded in this shooting. We pray for all the students, faculty, and staff at Virginia Tech; that You will furnish what they need by Your anointing. And Father God, we ask that You would reveal Yourself to all who are directly effected by this tragedy and that people would turn to You, in Jesus Name, Amen."

This is reality folks. Those who know how, Lets hit heaven hard with prayer. The people need hope.

Let me know yer thoughts on this.

be blessed

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blowtorch by Jesse "Cadre" Hansen colored by Szerian

Here is a piece of artwork done by Jesse "Cadre" Hansen that he allowed me to color. It took me about a total of 3 hours since it's been about 6 months since I have colored anything. I hope I did your work justice Cadre! Thanks for the opportunity!

Co-Author Curt Combs - Szerian

Saturday, April 14, 2007

2 Covers for Kord and Harley

Hey big swingin cats!

Okay, I need to hook up my scanner still, so these are snaps from my digital camera. The first is finished, and the second I'm working on. Thanks for the gander!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Proposed Art Jam (Galactus VS. Imperiex)

I was just sitting around thinking of some cool jams to do and this one popped into my head. How about Marvel's Galactus and all his heralds (Silver Surfer, Terrax, Nova, Morg) vs. DC's Imperiex and his "probes". These are two cosmic class heavy-hitters with major back-up. I know the Surfer and pals are ultra powerful and Imperiex's "probes" aren't as strong but they'll have the numbers advantage vs. power. My idea is that the power emanating from these two attracts each other through the universal barriers and each goes to the source to check it out. When they get to the "point of origin" the both lash out with power blasts that tear open the wall separating the two universes. The two sense each other's power and wants it for their own. Galactus believes that by absorbing the power of Imperiex will finally sate his hunger and Imperiex believes that by killing Galactus, the only threat preventing him from destroying our universe, he'll be able to wipe out our universe unchecked. Let me know what you think so I can either think of something else or start to write this story. We could also do this as a bunch of splash pages instead of a story. Either way, I'm cool wit it! Let me know and let the fun begin!

Co-Author Curt Combs - Szerian

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Spider-man in need of some colors...

currently looking for a colorist that can knock this piece into next week... anyone you know?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Color Saturation & Desaturation?

One of the most common crits and critiques I get are that my colors are too saturated. If anyone has any suggestions on how to correct this problem I'd appreciate it. I have colored and then desaturated the pics but I still get the "too saturated" comments. HELP ME!?!? Thanks!

Co-Author Curt Combs - Szerian

Hey Guys

Wassup?? It's Artsta droppin' through. I'd like to say thanks to Canaan for asking me to be a part of this! Once I can I will post some new art up. Be Blessed.


Keepin it CLEAN.

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First off, no body did anything wrong. All The art is AWESOME. This is just somthing I thought about, on account of other ages younger than most of us, may be invited to this blog, hehe. Be as creative as you want, but keep it tasteful. That's it.

•Now back to out regulary scheduled forum already in progress...

be blessed.


So sweet be asked to join in on this action!!! Not sure how this goes. I have seen a similar type of thing before, and the artist have like a week to come up with a post for an idea. And the idea changes every week.

Blah! Here's a pic :)

Hello, I greet thee fellow members of the Artist Guild.

My name is Jesse Hansen, but in the realms of comicdom... I am better known as...

Cadre of the Cadre Corner Studios.

I'm a humble "embellisher" and like to wield my brush and pens when going into battle.

How farest thee?



thank you comrades for your gracious invitation
to contribute my daily creations,
how valiant stemmed in such a field
to partake of this ennobled artist guild
and by my leave
i give you this
my drawing i have done of late
of a lascivious, lewd, licentious "grape".


from 'Half Dead' to 'Ricochet"

Hey guys, Thanks to Caanan for the invite to participate in this community. My name is Jimmy Bott. The graphic novel I pencilled and inked "Half Dead" hit shelves recently. Written by Barb Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper and published by DBPro/Marvel.

I've just started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator to "ink" my work. Still not getting it feeling quite right. But experimenting with a new medium is a lot of fun and its easy to manipulte lineweights etc.

This is a pinup for my new creator owned project "Ricochet" written by Screen Writer Will Wilson and News Producer Jason Stevens. It's a really fun book and I'm looking forward to getting it out.

Here I Am

hey guys....

good to be on this blog!

Hopefully ill have stuff to pitch in regulary!

Thanks to big C for the invite!

Im kind of a jack of all trades but I mostly like Character design and digital colors.

here's a new hulk i been tooling with:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Need Art to Color

As an aspiring colorist, I need your art in order to work on my style and abilities. I am looking for hi-res images to color. I use PhotoShop 7 for my coloring and am still learning to use all the different functions and tools. I have colored several of our Gulid Commander Caanan White's art and am looking for new talent to color as well. If you have anything you need colored, please, email it to me at and I will give it my best shot. Here are a few samples of my work. Please, consider me for your coloring needs. Thank you!

Co-Author Curt Combs - Szerian