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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

from 'Half Dead' to 'Ricochet"

Hey guys, Thanks to Caanan for the invite to participate in this community. My name is Jimmy Bott. The graphic novel I pencilled and inked "Half Dead" hit shelves recently. Written by Barb Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper and published by DBPro/Marvel.

I've just started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator to "ink" my work. Still not getting it feeling quite right. But experimenting with a new medium is a lot of fun and its easy to manipulte lineweights etc.

This is a pinup for my new creator owned project "Ricochet" written by Screen Writer Will Wilson and News Producer Jason Stevens. It's a really fun book and I'm looking forward to getting it out.


Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Man, you already know. I dig yer clean style. But what reallt sticks out to me is yer understanding of Architecture! It's mind blowing. that truely is yer strength. Well Done man and I will look for HD on the shelves.

Be blessed man.

Afua Richardson said...

Hey Jim, i didn't know you were over here heheh. i love this peiceand the progress you've been makin with illustrator! so quickly!

Szerian said...

Awesome line art! There's a lot going on but you don't get lost in the picture. Great Job and can't wait to see more!

EraserX said...

Great stuff Jimmy! I'm not totally sure I like that superclean Illustrator style with your work though. It seems to take away some of the life of your drawings.