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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hello, I greet thee fellow members of the Artist Guild.

My name is Jesse Hansen, but in the realms of comicdom... I am better known as...

Cadre of the Cadre Corner Studios.

I'm a humble "embellisher" and like to wield my brush and pens when going into battle.

How farest thee?



Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Thee farest well. and we welcome thee.

be blessed

Jesse "Cadre" Hansen said...

much obliged good sir

Szerian said...

Thanks for the invite to color some of your works. I have checked out the Corner and have downloaded a few that I will take a crack at. I am still very new to coloring so if you feel like I'm not doing your work justice let me know and I will remove the post. Thanks for the opportunities.

Jesse "Cadre" Hansen said...

If you would prefer the high rez to work with, just lemme know... we're all here to help each other get better afterall... may as well work with the best potential starting point we can if applicable.