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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been summoned by the "Guild Master."

Hello everyone, First I've gotta say there is some great talent on this blog!!!! WOW!!! now I'm not really good at this stuff, the blog thing is still new to me... Lets see if I get this right. this is an image I was playing around with... the thoughts behind it are ... What other ways are there to draw a cyclops, the mythical kind not the X-men kind. so I was playing around with a friend of mine and I came up with a few but I decided to paint the two you see. The next few images are versions of bat man I was in the mood to paint ... actually the truth is I'm really new to painting and I'm finding it to be a bit of an addiction hahaha. SO I thought what if I were going to redesign the bat man, just to have fun of course, not that I would stop at these designs these are just the starters. Its amazing incomaparison to the sketches thes went in a little bit of a different direction. I was just doing a study in my down town and finding a reason to play around in painter 10 ( which is also very new to me), Painting is fun and its something I'M LEARNING. A really great friend of mine who is wildly talented is showing me a few things, so these images you see are me in the learning process. so enough talk here are my Batman (paint) sketches I like to call them, ignore the big nose hehehe I'm still working out the kinks .-D-


Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Hey man. This stuff looks hot. You have a unique color style and i like. kinda dark, while key elements pop out. Great job Deon.

DON'T STOOOP,... POST IT, POST IT!!! hehehe.

Szerian said...

GREAT work. Love your style! I especially like the "armored Batman"! Keep the posts coming!

Jonathan Rector said...

Fuckin ACES!!!!

Deon said...

thanks Guys !!! I try to paint or sketch once a day I'll try and post what I can thanks !!!! Coming from you guys that is a huge compliment