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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the color of kill?

how poor a lost and troubled soul
to take the air of his own
and peer in a place of scholar

who then the bother of his poisoned thoughts when they but harmless letters
who wouldn't now extend an ear for his tempered thoughts to hear him
how weather beaten was his heart that he take such drastic measures.
how undone are his beloved , their son have brought them shame,
christianity bares a cross again! as religion takes the blame.

how solemn his soliloquy
how desperate his delivery,
how lonely and numb did he become
to make mock such bloody history.

he could have been your brother
or your best friend's joggin mate

what saddens me ere most of all
is this softened killers face,
and how ever a bespeckled man
he saw such tragic fate

my sincerest for EVERY life lost or altered by the events at VA tech this week



Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Afua... this speaks voulmes. yer words so elquintly paint the pain and questions so many have, with little answers. That's why we pray.

Jonathan Rector said...

Well done.

Szerian said...

Thank you for this piece and poem!