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Sunday, July 8, 2007


Here are some sketched from the new comic i'm workin on called valve. quirky lil love stories. wierdo story archs n the life . i'm doin this with writer Marcus White of Dallas TX. And i've asked my best friend Sokunthery Svay , and amazing prose writer to contribute as well. I'll be writing some when my brain returns.
some pencils

the 1st panel always takes me so long.. lots of lil details to do in illustrator

a lil close up

Woot - catastrophie averted -- Thx Canaan ::*___*::


Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Afu, this is awesome me-lady. Your style is elegant and delicate, yet it has that street edge or reality - GIVE IT UP FOR NY!!! hehehe. Glad you still posted cherie'.

be blessed

EraserX said...

Really cool!

jimmybott said...

Really loving this stuff. Cant wait to see more of it :)