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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Marvel Vs. Card Game

Last year, I did a bunch of work on the 'Marvel Vs. Trading Card Game' put out by Konami. I colored about 7 chapters of in game stuff, I think, as well as 14 different covers/ad spots. All the in game stuff was colored in pieces so it could be animated and I don't feel like assembling it all to post, so here are some of the print pieces I colored, drawn by Dave Ross. If I get motivated later, I might assemble some of the in-game stuff I colored.



Splash! said...

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Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

man John. You really thing you can color don't you? Hehehe, jk. These are awesome. Tha'd tight to see the marvel Verses cards make a comeback. Excellent colors though man. Keep it comin. And Splash!!! Welcome to the guild fair maiden. feel free to meander as you will. (hehehe Love talkin like that.)

if you want to join, just let me know, and i'll send you an invite.

be blessed