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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Don't ask me WHY I don't know, I'm a huge MARVEL COMICS FAN and not a DC fan Much at all, but I felt like drawing Captain Marvel I love Marvel's CAP MARVEL... And Hey there is a first time for everything and as far as I can remember this is my first time ever doing this character and again me just playing around in my sketch book... Hmmm If I get time maybe I'll color it.


Szerian said...

Awesome pic! I'm not a huge DC fan but Marvel is one that I like. I have a copy of the book Archangels: The Fall that you pencilled. If you send me your address in an email I'd like to send it to you to sign if you would. My email is Thanks!

Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Yo! DUDE!!! Glad to see the pencils flowin, showin and goin, rockin shcockin my mind! Hehehe. Sweet pic man. Now you need to de Supes and Zamers together.